Gate Customisation

We have a number of optional available variations in finish to our gates.

Strengthened bottom rail

You could choose to add a strengthened bottom rail to your gate. Which means the rail is flushed and visible from the front, this is often specified when gates are being automated.


Not only does engraving personalise your gate, it also makes it a far less attractive proposition to any potential thieves. We can engrave directly onto the rail of the gate itself or alternatively onto an plaque inlaid into the tongue and groove panel of your gate. We will send you a proof copy of any engraving to approve prior to manufacture.

Plugged screw holes

On all of our tongue and groove panelled gates the TGV boards are secured through the rear frame of the gate.  This makes for an extremely sturdy construction. The screw heads can be hidden with wooden plugs making a neat and attractive finish to the rear of the gate.

Everything in this category, gate customisation, is optional.
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